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long vacation

hello friends,

I'm sorry for the long hiatus. Life has gone from bad to worse -- though that usually means it should only get better from here on out, eh? I think I am going to change my LJ. vschiquita doesn't suit the me any longer.

In the last 3 years, I've become a bit older, wiser, possibly even more fashionable, but above all a little more lost. Even has been stolen by some squatter. bastards! (-_____-)*

no gmail for the rest of the night...

:( oh man, i didn't expect things to get worse day after day, but this is nuts. a good friend of mine really hurt me. sadly the reasoning behind it (as explained by a mutual friend) was really irrational. had there been a good reason behind it all, it would have just been a misunderstanding on my part -- but there isn't.

thank goodness for friends who are there thru thick and thin. it's easier to vent to friends who understand your situation better. I feel horrible about not talking to my folks, but we instinctive turn to those who tell us what we need to hear (whether it's the blunt truth, or something to make u feel better). I'd just get pissy, frustrated with my parents and that would be really bad.


i haven't been this disappointed/sad/frustrated in a long time. it took an outburst and a lot of yelling on a mountaintop to become calm again. not really sure what I want to do now.

ps- Ana, if you read this, i haven't gotten around to shop for anything lately. i'm still looking for something cute for Alfie. <3
Thomas A. Edison - "Discontent is the first necessity of progress."

Well, I've "gaman'd" (be patient) as much as I can, and now I don't know what to do. I was -->this<-- close to freaking out at work, and not due to work. Thank goodness it was quittin' time or else...

yeah. Off to Daiodani to scream and let it all out. I wish driving ranges here were cheaper - like back in NC.

Tomorrow, I will NOT do any work that is NOT part of my Kadogawa duties. Alhough, studying Japanese is ok. (もちろん) Do not feel HURT b/c of others. Do not feel DISRESPECTED! This is THE REAL WORLD! FOCUS Hilda! IMPROVE Hilda! 加油 Hilda! 我慢強い Hilda!

「加油」 means "ga" to add; "yow" is fuel. Collectively, they mean "focus, work harder, do your best, don't give up" in Cantonese (and other Chinese dialects).

mini weekend update

This weekend should be interesting. Grace & I are headed back to Kijo for "Thai food", bringing along Mel and Su Yu with us this time. Hopefully, we'll get a chance to visit Saitobaru fields for a mini hanami (sakura viewing).

Unbeknownst to Su Yu, it's actually a surprise birthday party for her. We found the cutest dinnerware for her present too. I'll put up the photos later.

Later this evening, R has booked me for something he can't be bothered to tell me about. Snuggle****! Hopefully, it's something fun ;)!

I booked him for a few hours on Sunday... to take him to the Picture Book Village. (Yes! You guessed it!) He'd never read this, so I suppose it's ok to type it here. Wish me luck kidnapping him for a few hours... although he's a grown man, R will definitely not be able to resist this beautiful place. Hopefully the weather won't be gray and gloomy.

As for Toronto, I'll be taking a nice trip to visit my grandma, parents and friends from 6/20 - 7/4! For over 1500USD, it's worth it, my grandma is worth more than that to me. I miss her.

the short (grammatically incorrect) version

I had a lovely weekend so far. I left R to himself this weekend. We had a yummy curry that R made for dinner and watched Vantage point at the late showing. Then, on Saturday, we woke up VERY slowly (gosh, I love weekends!) and I went to hang out with Grace and Corey at this delicious Thai restaurant in the middle of the countryside. The old man who ran this restaurant was super nice and even read our fortune in our names and palms. After lunch, the three of us went to the "picture book village" (also in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and rice paddies) with a fabulous view. The coffee shop wasn't bad, but the hot sandwich (or ANY sandwiches) didn't need to include mayonnaise. yuk. What can I say... it's Japan. After 5, we drove back north and sang karaoke for 2 hours. Bliss...

Unfortunately, tomorrow (or rather, today!) I will be running 5k in the Kadogawa Road Race. Wish me luck.


I'll talk about the fortune telling session later. :) He was very accurate -- it was uncanny.

My FIRST Japanese Wedding

originally uploaded by hII!H.
I'm so happy Kyouko (my friend and colleague) invited me to her wedding! It was fun and a good learning experience. Unfortunately I left early to attend another party (after just 2 hours) all the way across the prefecture. Luckily, many photos were taken to document this unique experience.

One thing is for sure, no matter how hardened you are or what country you're from, you're guaranteed to get a little teary eyed at a wedding.

poo coloured curry

lol as disgusting as that sounds, it's a silly inside joke. R made some sweet, onion and potato curry on Sunday. Served with brown rice and red wine. ;) He makes my tummy so happy!

in other news, I'm moving house in less than 10 days! My new solace, safe haven... yay!

I can't wait til I get the St. Paddy's T-shirt from BB4Ks. it looks great! that's the design James Harris created. Hopefully, they make a good profit (it'll be a donation to an orphanage in Bali).

Feb. 26th, 2008

I'm moving into a larger apartment on the first next month. For my sake, the roaches and mukade (poisonous centipedes) stay away. This will be my second "home on my own" overseas... which means I'm an adult... but jeez, I can't help but act like my fourteen year old students around him. He knows it too. baka.

that's me. stupid.

Here are some photos of the empty apartment. Not sure when the lease will be finalized, all I know is... I need to allocate 88,000 yen to keep me from going insane in this tiny room of an apartment. Money soon-to-be well spent.

ok back to reading Phillip Pullman's The Amber Spyglass. I love the series, even if it was written for children.


"The course of true love never did run smooth..."

Lovely quote from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

oy! Stupid me.

I thought I was finished paying off debt, but now I have more debt. Japan has an option of selecting whether you want to pay in full or increments at the time of purchase. This is rather useful, unfortunately, when you use the card internationally you have no choice but to pay in installments. (Or maybe it's just me...)

So here I am paying extra for interest and under a false impression that I have money to spend.

Gaah! I have no one other than myself to blame for this great "tragedy". ha. damn shopaholic I am.

In light of this, some sacrifices shall have to be made. During the workweek, dining out will be restricted to twice a week. On the weekends, I'll do my best to cook with R.

CC use is forbidden until I pay off some stuff. Paying in cash makes you realize just how much you are dishing out anyway. (note: writing down everything I buy has helped a bit so far.)